Paradigm Shift

I’ve been an amateur photographer since my dad gave me his camera when I was in my early 20s. The camera was older than me. I still have it. Sadly, its various mechanical parts have failed over time. I’d need to invest in fixing it to use the camera again.

Last October, I became determined to drag myself out of amateur status someday. I started taking photos. Lots of them. I’ve used this blog as a way to push myself take new pictures every day. It’s the only way I’ll get better.

Since starting my other blog, toast design collective, and starting other ventures, I’ve had less time for photography. The one solid thing I have learned over the past six months is that good photography takes time. I can’t just go out and start snapping brilliant photos. Someday maybe…

I’ve decided to merge paragraphically with toast. It’s a way for me to make time for all of the skills I want to learn and improve. I’m going to mix photos in with other types of blog posts during the week.

Today, I ventured into the spring rain to hunt for tree stumps. It’s the time of year when people trim branches and take down entire trees. There is something beautiful and sad about fresh tree stumps.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Color Study – Blues and Greens

My Tools

Still Life, With Scissors

Biting Wind, With A Chance of Broiling – Ah, Spring

Today started out with fierce winds. By afternoon, it was sunny and hot! Well, hot for the northeast, so maybe in the 50s, but still!

Tax Day (Sort of!)

It’s weird that today is not tax day. I’m actually pushing the deadline on taxes this year, for the first time in a long time, so I’m very glad it’s not until Monday.

I hope you’re done, but if not, here’s el bull to help you feel calm. He does that for me, at least.

Still Life, With Bull

Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

Found in an attic:

This is a child’s chalkboard, used for practicing letters and words. It’s from who knows how long ago. Do children today even know what a chalkboard is?

Oh My God, They’re Everywhere!

Okay, nobody panic. It’s just spring flowers. But they are everywhere.